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Projects that will meet the entire sectoral needs, particularly the insurance and banking sectors, are developed in the area of Information Technologies. Software developed for the insurance sector ensure that the insurance companies observe their net tables in both time and cost saving way while accelerating the companies’ decision-making mechanisms in record time The offices to be opened in USA will provide service in Insurtech and Fintech areas for the new world. “Mobile Payment”, which is a Fintech project, is such as to make a breakthrough in both Turkey and Europe. The launching assembly was realized at Utrecht, the Netherlands on 23rd-24th January 2019.


We give services for enterprising and turn-key construction businesses in energy projects. We supply information on the development process of power plants, submit turn-key projects or offer consultancy in this growing market.


We became an R&D center with the approval of the Ministry of Industry and Technology on the date of 27.03.2018.We aim at keeping one step ahead by providing both software and hardware solutions A 75-person dynamic and young team update themselves progressively through the regular trainings and they are always after the bleeding-edge technologiesWe develop projects not only for Turkish market, but also for global market Our projects approved by TUBITAK (TURKEY Science and Technology Research Community) are the products of our successful R&D


We are standing by on the issues you ask for advice, whether it’s on information security or architecture, with our mentors that are experts in their subjects.


We provide support for both health technologies and your professional health staff.


YCP Academy was established as an in-house department to meet the training needs of our software developers of YCP Information Technologies Company, and after the training was requested by our customers and business partners, it became a professional structure. As YCP Academy is shaped by the training provided for the continuity of software services in accordance with the latest technological developments used in the R&D Center of YCP Information Technologies, all the training content you need is up to date and will answer all of the questions.



YCP Bilgi Teknolojileri Eğitim Enerji Danışmanlık ve Sağlık Hizmetleri Ltd Şti was founded through the convening of multiple companies operating in diverse professional fields in 2014. Giving particular importance to customer satisfaction, the company vendors software notably for insurance and banking sectors with its 75-person staff as well it provides software and hardware services and solutions up to the latest technological developments at its R&D center approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. The company has also succeeded in disseminating the added-value it established in Turkey throughout the continental Europe with the companies founded in the Netherlands and England. Our offices will come into operation in Chicago and San Francisco in USA anytime soon.


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